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Let the exotic scents of plumeria fill your space and transport you to a far-away, tropical island with this delightfully sweet tropical fragrance.  Bring a summertime feel to your home at any time of year!



Top - Hawaiian Plumeria, Fresh Berries

Middle - Jasmine, Gardenia, Honeysuckle, Rose

Bottom - Vanilla, Fresh Berries


About our room and linen fragrances:

  • Presented in sleek, brushed-metal, fine-misting, reusable bottles
  • Available in 2.5oz or 4oz options
  • Child and pet safe
  • Alcohol free
  • Skin safe
  • Highly scented
  • Hand-crafted using our special blend of distilled water, fragrance and essential oils, and non-toxic product preservative
  • Excellent gift for anyone and for any occasion!


Spray on your yoga mat, laundry, bed sheets, towels, drapes, pillows, clothing, and more.


Spray in exercise rooms, bathrooms, workspaces, sports bags, and vehicles; anywhere that could use a refreshening!


Relax and enjoy the benefits of aromatherapy with our handcrafted room and linen sprays at an affordable price!  As a small business, we are dedicated to creating a product you'll love, with love, and ensuring your satisfaction with not only our candles, wax melts, and room/linen sprays, but also with your buying experience. We truly appreciate your business!

Plumeria | Room & Linen Fragrance Spray

PriceFrom $7.00
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